The Saw caught a gang of robbers, who have not been very lucky (PHOTO)

В Пиле поймана банда грабителей, которым не очень везло (ФОТО)

Six suspects, one of whom is 75 years old, faces multiple charges after a series of unsuccessful armed robberies in the regions of Peel and Halton, starting with the daring robbery of the truck, when they seized the party of phones costing $ 7 million, which, however, was later remotely disabled, ceasing to be of value.

The chief of police in Peel region Duraiappa Nishan (Nishan Duraiappah) reported that six men aged 40 years and older presented in the aggregate 63 by the prosecution, and that some of them probably went on a robbery in MISSISSAUGA, when they were arrested by the police.

Detective Steve Sherwin said that on 13 March 2019, a black sedan blocked the road a delivery truck in the area of Steeles Avenue East and Goreway Drive.

Two men broke into the cab of the truck and threatened the driver with a firearm, while others transferred the whole batch of phones and tablets, in the amount of 8500 pieces, in a nearby parked truck.

But the manufacturer of the device immediately shut off them remotely, as soon as I got the official information about the theft.

“They essentially turned into the trash,” said Sherwin.

In the beginning of the first night of 28 July, two trucks without trailers pulled up to the entrance to the cargo area near Steeles Avenue and Winston Churchill Boulevard in Halton hills.

According to investigators, the drivers of both vehicles got out and started talking with the guard standing at the gate.

Sherwin said that at this point a third suspect came from behind, armed with a gun, and applied it to the guard in a headlock, demanding that he opened the gate.

But before he obeyed the demand, the suspect noticed that it is aimed directly at the security camera, after which the group left the scene empty-handed.

Almost a month later, on August 25, according to Sherwin, some of the same suspects entered the territory of the fleet in MISSISSAUGA and stole three trucks.

Sherwin explained that the police have monitored the situation, and later that night, police seized four suspects.

“Four men were arrested when they went to commit another robbery of a warehouse in MISSISSAUGA,” said he, adding that police seized a loaded semi-automatic Smith and Wesson pistol and pepper spray against bears.

Two other suspects associated with the group, was arrested the following month.

One of the accused has been identified as 75-year-old Cecil young.

“I’d be lying if I said he was not surprised that the case involved a 75-year-old. But in criminal investigations there are no age restrictions,” said Sherwin.

He said that all six had criminal records that are associated with other sites across Canada.

Investigators did not comment on how the group had hoped to cash out the stolen goods, but noticed that they are not affiliated with a larger well-known criminal gangs.

Sherwin said that was discovered part of disconnected phones and tablets.