The scandal around ‘admiring the cherry blossoms’ has reduced the level of support the ruling party in Japan (PHOTO)

Скандал вокруг 'любования цветением сакуры' снизил уровень поддержки правящей партии в Японии (ФОТО)

In Japan there was the scandal arising from the fact that carried out each spring reception, where participants can admire the cherry blossoms, this year was invited to many supporters of the ruling liberal democratic party of Japan and confidants of the Prime Minister of the regional branches of the party. Usually at this event, held since 1952, has invited the heads of foreign diplomatic missions in Japan, prominent people from the worlds of art, culture, sports, science and journalism.

Because of the scandal, the level of support from the government of Japan, headed by Shinzo Abe, has fallen below 50%, as evidenced by published on Sunday the results of the sociological survey Agency Kyodo, reports TASS.

In comparison with the previous study conducted in October, the index decreased by 5.4 percentage points, to 48.7%. For 2019, the level of support of the Cabinet of Ministers was stable at the level of above 50%. The number of Japanese who negatively assess the current policy of the authorities, was 38.1%.

The government of Japan has promised that the process of selecting guests who are invited to the ceremony, will be thoroughly revised, and in 2020 the reception was to be held.
At the same time, the Cabinet of Ministers stressed that to fully withdraw from the event with a long history yet no plans.

According to Kyodo, almost 60% of Japanese have considered the problem of the situation with the invitation to the reception. While 64% of respondents welcomed the decision to abandon the event next year.