The scandalous sculpture Iniesta sculptor “wearing” shorts (photos)

На скандальную скульптуру Иньесты скульптор "надел" шорты (фото)

Andres Iniesta

The home of Andres Iniesta in Albacete presented his statue, which was prepared for the tenth anniversary of the historic goals of the legends of Spanish football against the national team of the Netherlands in the final of the 2010 world Cup.

Inauguration of the statue was held on July 11, the day will mark the tenth anniversary of the victory of Spain in the world Cup in South Africa, but the pandemic is in the early stages the event has been postponed until next year.

But the statue showed it was Andres who haven’t “hung up your boots” and is Japanese for “Vissel Kobe” was presented in the Nude.

Naturally, such a bold decision authors could not enjoy Iniesta and admirers of his talent. The negativity around the statue forced its creators to reconsider their design decision and they “dressed” the player shorts.

He 36-year-old Iniesta has already reacted to the changes, expressing gratitude for the fact that his statue was dressed.

“Thank you for you’re wearing shorts,” wrote the player in his twitter account, adding a few cheerful smiles.