The school Board Toronto found out that his teacher is working in Montreal (PHOTOS)

Школьный совет Торонто узнал, что его учитель работает в Монреале (ФОТО)

The district school Board of Toronto is conducting an investigation after one of his teachers, who, as expected, was on sick leave, actually worked in a school in Montreal.

In a statement to CTV News, the school Board confirmed that Rosalyn Dorsin is under investigation after it was revealed that she was involved as a agitator in the Federal election and worked in the Montreal school, being on paid leave for medical reasons.

The Council announced the adoption of immediate measures, removing Dorsin from work without payment of salary, pending investigation.

English Montreal school Board confirmed that Dursin teaches at 5/6 bilingual class in elementary school St. Monica in the Western part of the city.

Representatives of the Council were surprised to learn that the teacher working with them, at the same time is in a hospital in Toronto.

Dorsin had to teach a 3/4 class at Earl Haig school in Toronto since September, but her place was supplied by a substitute teacher, and she was placed on leave in connection with temporary disability.

Teachers in Ontario are entitled to 11 paid sick days and 120 days short-term leave and disability with payment of 90% of their salary.

“We came to school on 3 September and learned that we have set a substitute teacher on the first day of class, told CTV News Joan Dempsey, whose daughter is a student in the class. – It was very unpleasant.”

She said a group of parents found that Dorin leads a double life through the various social media accounts. She said that parents gave the information to the Council.

“It is regrettable and disappointing that it took so much effort from us as parents that the Council had taken action, she said. Very disappointed with the fact that [the Board] holds or held such a person in the state”.