The scientist explained why in Berdyansk train grew mushrooms

Учёный объяснил, почему в бердянском поезде выросли грибы

A couple of days ago the whole of Ukraine stirred up the user’s photo to Facebook, which shows the mushrooms that grew from the window frame of the train “Kiev – Berdyansk.”

Leading engineer of the Department of Mycology and Algology of Moscow state University Maxim Dyakov told the newspaper “Vzglyad” – how and why this could happen.

“The fact that the spores of the fungus are flying everywhere, they are microscopic. Oyster mushroom, fungus, which is pictured eating a piece of wood. If the wood was wet and not varnished, it is a favorable environment for disputes of a mushroom. Of course, oyster is no threat to human health are not, but the conditions in which they sprouted, saying that in the car the stagnant air, dampness, mold, allergens. So this car is not fit for use”, says Sexton.

These mushrooms can often be found on the shelves of almost every supermarket. But expert doesn’t recommend to try oyster mushrooms growing in the carriages of the train, due to the fact that mushrooms absorb substances from the environment. Diacov also said that while this “enabling environment” was created, possibly for years, by fungi, judging by their kind, not more than three months.

Shortly after the advent of photography over her began to sneer, users of social networks. Someone even suggested that “now in the car and at the same time can soup”.