The season in the First and Second Ukrainian football leagues completed

Сезон в Первой и Второй украинских футбольных лигах завершен

Sergey Makarov

Today, under the auspices of the Professional football League (PFL) held a meeting of clubs of the Ukrainian First and Second League to determine the fate of the 2019/20 season.

In the end, it was decided that the season in the Second League finished, but First, if you will continue, not in the classic format.

“The clubs voted not to play the championship nor in the Second League, not the First. The circumstances were stronger than us – we are unable to implement regulations to end the competition as necessary. So here comes into force the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Association football (UAF), commented on the decision of the President of PFL Sergei Makarov.

“On it we will announce these decisions also speak with the clubs sharing issue between the leagues. The Executive Committee will make the final decision. Until the date when he will gather no. But now the season First and Second in the League in the regular view, so to speak, is over. As the season is over for teams that do not pursue any targets. There remains the question of exchange between the leagues.

The prospect of holding a mini-tournament remains as one of the options. Or play a shortened play-off between the contenders (first 6 teams: “Ruh”, “Volyn”, “Ingulets”, “Agribusiness”, “Meany” and “Obolon-Brovar” – approx., or fix the current place in the standings, or even completely annul the results without exchange between leagues.

If a decision about the playoffs, we will develop a calendar. While the base date for the resumption of the championship early to tell. It all depends on where and how to play. On a neutral field or not,” – said Makarov.

Previously Alexander povoroznyk – President of “Ingulets”, which occupies 4-e a place, which makes it impossible to reach the Premier League, threatened to go to court, if the season of the First League will not be played and his team won’t get a chance to compete for the top 3.