The secrets of air travel: the best seats on the plane for passengers with aerophobia

Travel by air often causes people anxiety. Despite the fact that the plane is one of the safest modes of transport, many people can experience severe stress during the flight. According to flight attendants on the plane there are places where particularly exciting, the passengers will feel better. This writes the Express.

Секреты авиаперелетов: лучшие места в самолете для пассажиров с аэрофобией

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Many people love air travel, associating them with relaxation or meetings with friends, however, some may consider such travel is eerie and frightening. There are certain seats on the plane, which are recommended for those who experience emotional difficulties during the flight. The flight attendants decided to reveal all the secrets.

One of the main causes of unrest of some passengers is turbulence.

A former member of EasyJet crew named Matt believes that such passengers to sit in front of the aircraft. Flying in this part can be more relaxed and enjoyable.

“If you don’t like turbulence, you really feel it is better to sit in the front of the plane,” shared Matt.

In addition, the susceptible passengers should choose a window seat.

EasyJet interviewed more than 10 thousand customers about their favorite seat on the plane. 59% of them answered that the best place was the window seat.

Those who chose the window seat was usually more than anxious passengers, and the view from the window soothed them because they could see what was happening.

Also a good option are the any places in the middle rows of the plane. This is due to the fact that these series are located above the wing, which also makes the turbulence less noticeable for passengers. The farther you sit from the wings, the more it will feel shaking.

To get the desired place, clients should book tickets in advance. Generally, window seats differ, first and middle seats in each row last.

Despite the fact that window seats are preferred by most of the sitting there will have to disturb other passengers if necessary, to go to the restroom or to walk on the plane. Because of this seats may also perfectly be suitable for people who are unnecessarily worried during the flight as they can at any time walk around the cabin to calm down.

Matt added that in the front of the aircraft passengers have more legroom. This can be useful for people with high anxiety, because additional free space creates a sense of control over the situation, since their movement does not constrained.

He explained that passengers should choose the first row or seats near emergency exits, if they like more space for legs. But in this case, you must be prepared for the fact that the floor should not be bags or Luggage, as the output must be free in case of an emergency.


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