The sect was infected with coronavirus thousands of people: its leaders will be tried for murder

The Seoul Metropolitan government (South Korea) filed in office of public Prosecutor the statement of claim against 12 leaders of the sect “Temple of the tabernacle of the testimony Sinh-change”, who are accused of killing, causing harm and violation of the law to control the spread of infectious diseases. About it writes BBC.

Секта заразила коронавирусом тысячи людей: ее лидеров будут судить за убийство

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According to officials, the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country started in the city of Daegu, where the followers of the sect have infected each other during the ceremony, after which the virus began to spread across the country.

This lawsuit reflects a growing resentment in the country against this religious group, whose leader calls himself the Messiah.

Authorities searched the entire congregation of this sect — 230 thousand people, and about 9 percent reported that they have symptoms of coronavirus. 88-year-old cult leader Lee man-Hee was also tested for the coronavirus, the results of which are still unknown.

Meanwhile, all of the Catholic Church in South Korea, Sunday, March 1, was closed as a measure to prevent the spread of the virus Covid-19.

Canceled as many other public events, in particular concerts of famous pop group BTS.

The congregation of the Catholic Church in South Korea has about 5.8 million people — is one of the largest denominations in the country. Worship in 1734 churches cancelled until 7 March.

This is an unprecedented step for all the 236 years of the existence of Catholicism in South Korea.

Many other denominations also cancelled their Sunday services — in particular, Protestant churches and Buddhist temples.

After China, South Korea became the second country in the number of diseases coronavirus: here 4 335 confirmed human cases and 26 deaths. More than half of the infected followers of the teachings of the “Temple of the tabernacle of the testimony Sinh-change”.

What is “the Temple of the tabernacle of the testimony Sinh-change”?

Religious movement founded in 1984 by a South Korean preacher Lee man Hee.

88-year-old Lee calls himself “the promised pastor” in the Bible, who will come instead of Jesus.

Followers of his teachings tell us that the Second coming has already taken place — in the image of Lee man Hee.

The abbreviation “Sinh-change” stands for “a New heaven and a new Earth.” Lee man Hee, claims that the Bible is written encrypted metaphorical language and its true meaning available only to him and his followers.

Initially, the movement existed only in South Korea, but is now spreading to other countries. The organization is accused of creating a cult, its activities led to criticism and claims in a number of countries.

The situation in the UK

Sunday, March 1, in Britain confirmed the presence of the virus Covid-19 another 12 patients.

Three of the 12 were in close contact with a person who has previously been confirmed by the presence of the virus, said England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris whitty.

One of the infected residing in the County of Essex, was recently abroad and, as the doctors say, had obvious linkages with other sick people. It is unclear how this person could get infected.

Of the remaining eight, six had recently returned from Italy and two from Iran.

Last Friday, in the County of Surrey were also detected new cases with an unidentified pattern of infection.

Only in Britain at the moment, 36 cases of coronavirus.


In Paris the Louvre is closed after the Museum staff almost unanimously voted not to go to work because of fears for their health.

The Louvre — the most visited Museum in the world. On Saturday, February 29, the French government has banned the Assembly of more than five thousand people at a time indoors.

In France was 130 cases Covid-19. Two people died.

It is not clear when the Louvre re-opens.

Country data

According to who, in 50 countries was more than 89 of 198 cases of the new virus.

The mortality rate worldwide amounted to more than 3 000 cases. A big part of how patients and deaths is in China.

Sunday, March 1, Australia and Thailand joined the list of countries where registered deaths as a result of coronavirus: died 78-year-old Australian who became infected in February on Board of the cruise liner Diamond Princess, standing on the quarantine in Japan.

In Thailand died 35-the summer man who also was coronavirus dengue fever; only in this country, 43 ill.

In France it is forbidden to conduct any large-scale events in enclosed spaces. Many outdoor events, including the marathon in Paris and the fireworks in nice, which was to be held this Sunday, has been cancelled.

In Italy the government announced the allocation of 3.6 billion euros ($4 billion) to combat the economic consequences of an outbreak Covid-19. Italy to date, more than all other European countries suffered from the coronavirus.

In Japan , the Tokyo marathon was not cancelled, but instead of 38 thousand participants, it competed only professional athletes.

In Iran, on 1 March it became known about the new 385 is infected with a coronavirus. The country 978 cases and 54 fatalities.

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