The September snow storm in the USA: 5 things not to leave in the car in cold weather

This year in the US, the first snow fell very early — North-West of the country at the end of September were dangerous winter storm. In this weather many people prefer to stay at home, but that machine for a long time remain parked on the streets.

Сентябрьский снежный шторм в США: 5 вещей, которые не стоит оставлять в машине в холодную погоду

Photo: Depositphotos

While there are things that are dangerous to leave in the car during cold weather, the newspaper writes

1. Smartphone

Lithium-ion batteries of this device can stop working, if you freeze during severe frosts.

2. Beer or carbonated soft drinks

Water entering into the composition of these drinks, when frozen expands, so cans and bottles with them during freezing can burst.

3. Canned

Exceptionally cold weather can damage the integrity of the cans of canned food.

4. Medication

Some medications, particularly insulin, under the influence of frost can lose their therapeutic properties.

5. Musical instruments

Frost can lead to cracks of wooden parts of musical instruments.