The Serie A clubs voted to decrease the salaries of players – the head of the players Union is outraged

Клубы Серии A проголосовали за уменьшение зарплат игрокам - глава профсоюза игроков возмущен

Damiano Tommasi

The head of the players Union, Italy’s Damiano Tommasi outraged by the decision of the clubs to cut the salaries of players.

“If the Serie A clubs are forced to meet in a General meeting and to announce that they will not pay salaries, but in reality, face to face with players, looking for a compromise, the situation is very alarming – quoted by Football Italia Tommasi. – I can not understand the business logic of the decision: to make the players the protagonists in a bad light, while others discuss with the clubs how to get out of this crisis.

The Board of Directors of the Union considered the proposal put forward by the Series A and B, is unacceptable. In such times, the behavior of Leagues is unacceptable. They want to throw the players to cause them economic damage.

The same presidents that they plan to suspend the payment, sent the team to play to March 9, forcing them to train until mid-March, remain in control of their individual training.

The real desire of the clubs to not pay. This leaves us confused, given the fact that some teams sit with your players and discuss how to help each other”, – noted ex-Italy national football team.

We will add that on the eve of Series A held an emergency meeting via video link after unsuccessful negotiations with the players Union.

In 19 of the clubs agreed to cut salaries by 1/6 (two monthly salaries), if the season will be played out, or 1/3 (four months ‘ wages), if he is found completed.

The only club not participating in the vote – Juventus because the club already agreed to cuts in salaries to players and other employees.