The series ‘Chernobyl’, received ‘Golden globe’: who else has won the award

Series “Chernobyl” has received the “Golden globe” in the category of short series. The award ceremony of the 77th time was held in Los Angeles. About it writes BBC.

Сериал 'Чернобыль' получил 'Золотой глобус': кто еще стал обладателем премии

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Series film “Chernobyl” about the Chernobyl tragedy in 1986. Came the series in 2019 on HBO. In September, he received the international prize “Emmy”.

It is directed by Johan Renk won the award for “Directing in a miniseries, movie or dramatic program,” and screenwriter Craig Mazin (we wrote about his Ukrainian roots and the history of the series) was voted the best in the nomination “the Script of the mini-series, movie or dramatic program.”

“Now this story is even more important for all of us than before, because now the global war on truth. And the story of Chernobyl tells what happens when the truth is ignored. Sooner or later it will have to pay. And pay not power, but to ordinary people,” said Mazin shortly after the premiere of the series.

The idea to film a story about Chernobyl appeared 5 years ago. The producers wanted to show that the accident at the nuclear power plant is a global problem and its scale could be much larger if not for the liquidators.

Mazin wanted to show fortitude, courage and will of the people who rushed to an emergency nuclear reactor.

“They encountered him face to face. They were flying over it, swimming under it, they dug tunnels inside, — says the writer. Many of them gave their lives for the sake of others. All of Europe is in debt to the liquidators”.

The script is based on real events that took place since the accident for two years after her. The creators tried to accurately recreate all the costumes and sets of that time.

“Since our show aims to honor the memory of all victims and victims as a result of the Chernobyl disaster, we worked very hard on in order to reproduce all the cultural details,” says Masin.

Drama named best picture by the British Director Sam Mendes “1917”, telling about the events of the First world war.

British actress Phoebe Waller-bridge received a Golden globe for best actress in a Comedy series (television series “Rubbish”).

The TV series “the Bitch” was named best Comedy series of the year.

British Olivia Colman, who also starred in this series, was awarded the prize in the nomination “the Best actress in the drama” the Queen’s role in the Netflix series “Crown”.

“I was sure that this will not happen. The whole year I had the feeling I was living someone else’s life, and now I have the feeling that I got someone else’s award,” admitted Coleman.

Joaquin Phoenix won the award in the nomination “Best actor in a drama” for her role in the film “Joker”.

Renee Zellweger received the “Golden globe” in the category “Best actress in a drama” for her role in the movie “Judy”.

And the “Best actress in a musical or Comedy for” was recognized as Akvafina rapper (real name: Nora Lum) became the first woman cooks of Asian descent to win this award.

The film “… Hollywood” Quentin Tarantino received a Golden globe in the category “Best Comedy or musical”.

Tarantino won the prize for best screenplay. Who played in the movie brad pitt honoured for the role of the second plan. This is the second “Golden globe” of the actor.

Hildur Gudnadottir became the first woman to receive a Golden globe for best soundtrack. Her work was noted for the film “Joker”. She also worked on “Chernobyl”.

Aussie Russell Crowe won the award for best actor in a short series (mini-series “the loudest voice”).

Sam Crowe was not able to attend the ceremony and sent a message dedicated to the horrific fires in his home country. “There is no doubt that the tragedy that is happening now in Australia associated with climate change,” — said in his message which was read to the audience Jennifer aniston.

Two-time nominee for Golden globe, American actor and Broadway star Billy porter nakanune the ceremony vowed that he will not come close to red wine, spaghetti in tomato sauce and make-up not to dirty your white outfit.

Musician Elton John and poet Bernie Taupin received the award for best song for the film (the song I’m Gonna Love Me Again to the biopic “Rocketman”).

Best foreign language film, as expected, was the owner of “Golden palm” the Cannes film festival last year — the film is South Korean Director Pont Chung Ho, “Parasites”, sharp social satire on class inequality in modern society.

“The fact that the nomination was a great honor,” said Pont Zhong Ho in their native Korean language, adding that as soon as American audiences get used to the subtitles, they will find many wonderful new films.

A surprise was the victory of the animated film “missing link” that made it past the famous sequels “the Cold heart-2” and “toy Story 4”.

Special awards also received host of the talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and actor Tom Hanks.

Winner of two Oscars, Hanks, receiving the award, I cried when he confessed what a huge support he provides his family.

The nomination

This year many nominations were received films from streaming service Netflix. The movie “Wedding story” had six nominations (the highest number of nominations among all films), “the Irish”, directed by Martin Scorsese — five, the “Two popes” — four.

Five nominations received film “One day in Hollywood”, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Among the serials are “the Crown”, “Chernobyl” and “Incredible.” They all received four nominations.

The award “Golden globe”, awarded by the Hollywood foreign press Association since 1944, is awarded each year in January and is the USA’s biggest film awards after the Oscars.

Traditionally many of the winners of the “Golden globe” are in February, and the holders of gold figurine “Oscar”.