The series “Game of thrones” has received seven Emmy award

The cult fantasy series “Game of thrones” (“The Game of Thrones”), filmed by American TV channel HBO, received a seventh Emmy award. The film once again won in the category “Best special effects”.

Сериал «Игра престолов» получил седьмую премию «Эмми»

According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, the award show was awarded for special effects shown in the episode “the Bells,” in which viewers saw a decisive and spectacular battle for Westeros. Thus, the award “Emmy” was the seventh in the cookie jar “Game of thrones”. By the way, this television award is considered the equivalent of the “Oscar” for film and the Grammys for music.

The special effects of “Game of thrones” every year has been awarded, starting in 2012, and only in 2017, the series lost its position. Cult fantasy at the moment, overtaken by the number of “Emmy” even two episodes of “Star wars”.