The Shire called for the establishment of a national energy corridor (PHOTOS)

Шир выступил за создание  общенационального энергетического коридора (ФОТО)

The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer said that his party will welcome ambitious ideas and major projects that will help unite Canada.

He did not believe that the position of his party, declared in their platform that leads to exclusion or privileges of the province, although in the case of Quebec, he assumes a number of specific commitments.

Shire announced that his proposal for a national energy corridor will actually help to unite the country.

In contrast it is said, W said that in the past four years, the administration liberal leader Justin Trudeau was doing what was pushing the regions to each other.

Shire reported that its plan for environmental protection will also be in the interests of Albertans, who are concerned about climate change, in connection with which thousands of them gathered on Friday in Edmonton at a protest rally, led by activist Greta Thunberg.

Today the Shire is located in the greater Toronto area by campaigning on the last weekend before the Federal election on Monday.