The Shire intends to ratify the new Treaty NAFTA (PHOTO)

Шир намерен ратифицировать новый договор НАФТА (ФОТО)

The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer said that he still ratified the new North American free trade agreement, if he becomes Prime Minister, although he thinks that Canada was delivered to the President of the United States Donald trump at a disadvantage.

On Sunday during a night flight to Vancouver Shir discussed with reporters many questions, trying to return his campaign, the care which she had until the day before when the staff of the information Department of the liberal camp dug another batch of dirt on the Tory candidates.

Thursday, the second day of the campaign, W fired one candidate tried to justify the actions of four more in connection with their comments about abortion, the rights of transgender people and Muslims, as well as homophobic insults, the liberal discovered by searchers among the messages and videos in social networks and on the Internet.

The candidate from Winnipeg North, who pointed to the door, had secret accounts in social networks in which he expressed racist views, which he said the Conservative party when he applied for his nomination.

But Shire defends four other candidates, including the one whose criticism in social networks in relation to the rights of transgender and Muslims and a strange conspiracy theory has led to the fact that the conservative party of Ontario did not allow her to run for them in the last provincial election. He said that while people are willing to admit their mistakes and apologize, he did not understand why they should be deprived of the opportunity to stand for public office.

Ghada Melek (Melek Ghada), candidate from MISSISSAUGA-Streetsville, who was denied the opportunity to run in the provincial elections of Ontario, issued a written apology for anti-Muslim statements and positions in social networks, saying that now she understands that they are offensive.

“I think we should all acknowledge the fact that people can make mistakes, and people can accept it,” said Shire, although added that decisions will be made on an individual basis.

But the Shire said that what he wants to speculate, and that Canadians are more concerned than liberal slander, is a personal matter, liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

He referred to Saturday’s article in The Globe and Mail, where it is argued that Trudeau made a lot of concessions to Trump, when last year was revised agreement NAFTA.

He accused Trudeau that he did not fulfill his promise to get a better deal.

“If he was honest with Canadians and said, “Look, I’ll try to resist Donald Trump as I can, but I’m not sure that I will get something in return, try to save as much as you can,” said Shire. But he went there and said he was going to conclude a more favorable agreement. In this new agreement there is nothing that would be better than when he left.”

Shire said that the agreement is a disaster, particularly for manufacturers and dairy farmers, which is now quotas and export restrictions, which they previously were not.

However, despite all his complaints about the agreement, Shire said that it will still work on its ratification, because otherwise it will lead to chaos in the canadian economy.

“I think that now the canadian economy is better just to accept what we have and then try to improve it, he said. We will do everything possible to improve what he has left us by not renewing the entire procedure of the revision of the agreement because, I admit, this will create enormous uncertainty for our economy.”

The conservative leader did not specify what improvement he tries to make a bargain.

Sunday wide campaign in British Columbia, first in a liberal County of Surrey, and then in two newly-democratic districts of Vancouver island.