The shocking truth about the chocolate diet

Nutritionists told important information about the most delicious diet, the main product of which is chocolate.

Шокирующая правда о шоколадной диете

Now the problem of obesity is widely accepted in society, but if early excess weight gain mainly suffered women, today the number of obese men has increased several times. Now the representatives of the stronger sex along with the lovely ladies are looking for the same way to lose weight, which would save them from obesity.

Once in the Internet and scrolling through the systems of nutrition, catches the eye effective chocolate diet where you can a day to lose 1 kilogram. Moreover, dieters are attracted to two main aspects of this diet — chocolate and quick result. Who has not wanted to eat chocolate and not get better, but still lose weight?

Chip chocolate diet is that to eat for two weeks only, bitter dark chocolate. Plus, you are allowed to drink natural freshly brewed coffee, and also be sure to drink at least 2 liters of mineral water without gas. If you adhere to these simple principles chocolate diet, for two weeks people can lose about 15 pounds overweight.

Nutritionists strongly opposed to people used dark chocolate and coffee as main products of sitting on a diet. This power supply system more suitable for a one-day experiment as unloading of the digestive tract, but to use it as much as 14 days is unhealthy and dangerous.

The shocking truth about the chocolate diet:

1. Two weeks later, the body will be severely dehydrated, because all this time he had not received valuable vitamins and minerals that provide him a benefit.

2. Dropped pounds on the chocolate diet returned just a few days, while they capture with a couple extra, because the body now will accumulate fat, because at any moment it may again starve.

3. Psychologically to withstand the chocolate diet difficult, although it is delicious, but only to chocolate and coffee will not be full, and the feeling of hunger the mood will be ruined.

4. Eating just one chocolate and dropping weight, we can say, extreme way of losing weight runs the risk of losing power and doing any physical activity will become impossible.

5. Two 100 gram bars of chocolate and allowed 3 cups of organic coffee a day — a great way to make insomnia, deal with that yourself you will not succeed.