The shooting at the Jewish store in new Jersey: 6 dead and several wounded

At least six people, including a policeman, were killed in a series of shootings in Jersey city (new Jersey). About it writes BBC.

Стрельба в еврейском магазине в Нью-Джерси: 6 погибших и несколько раненых

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Two more policemen were wounded during the incident, which ended in a shootout after two armed men barricaded themselves in the Jewish kosher supermarket.

The motive for this incident is not precisely known. But the mayor of Jersey city Steven Fulop said investigators believe the location was “pre-selected”. Several local schools and businesses temporarily closed due to possible threats.

Police officer killed was 39-year-old Joseph Sills, who took part in a nationwide program to confiscate illegal weapons.

Speaking to reporters, the chief of police of the city of Jersey Mike Kelly said that the Seals were “the leading COP in this program.”

How it all started?

The conflict first broke out in the local cemetery just after 12:00 local time on Tuesday, December 10. Local media reported that the confrontation between police and the suspects was related to the murder investigation, but this information has not been confirmed by authorities.

Kelly told reporters that police at the scene came under “powerful rifle fire”, Sils was killed while approaching the two suspects, whose names were not disclosed.

The arrow disappeared from the scene in the van and took refuge in the kosher Jewish supermarket, eyewitnesses say it was heard hundreds of shots.

Investigators believe the two armed men killed three people in the store, before they themselves got shot. At least one survivor from the store was injured and is now in hospital.

Kelly said that investigators also believe that in the van the suspects were “explosive device”, which was removed for inspection, specialists of the police.

What is the motive of the shooters?

Initially, it was concluded that the shop was chosen randomly and the incident is not a terrorist act.

But the evening of 10 December, Fulop said on Twitter that the authorities “now believe that an attack was planned”.

Стрельба в еврейском магазине в Нью-Джерси: 6 погибших и несколько раненых

Screenshot: Twitter/@StevenFulop

“Based on the investigation (which is ongoing), now it is believed that the arrows in advance selected place for the attack”, wrote Fulop.

“Because of precautions will be allocated additional police resources in the coming days/weeks,” said Fulop, noting that there are no signs of further threats.

Officials did not specify why they believe that the place was not accidental. They also did not comment on whether this attack an act of anti-Semitism.

But new York mayor bill de Blasio said that the police is on high alert, especially in Jewish communities. Jersey city is part of the Metropolitan area of new York.

Стрельба в еврейском магазине в Нью-Джерси: 6 погибших и несколько раненых

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“Although there is no real or specific threat directed against new York, I instructed the NYPD to be in a state of high alert. Tragically this confirms that the increasing nature of violent anti-Semitism has become a crisis for our nation, — he wrote in Twitter. And now this threat has reached the threshold of new York”.

The President of the United States Donald trump also commented on the incident, writing that he thinks and prays for the victims and their families.

Стрельба в еврейском магазине в Нью-Джерси: 6 погибших и несколько раненых

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“I have just received information about a horrific shooting that has occurred in Jersey city. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families in this very difficult and tragic time. We will continue to monitor the situation, helping the local authorities,” wrote trump.