The shooting attack is a superhero of hundreds of people for the show, The Boys was cancelled because of seat selection – where’s the van were crushed to death 10 people (PHOTOS)

Съемки атаки супергероем сотен людей для сериала The Boys отменили из-за выбора места – где фургон задавил насмерть 10 человек (ФОТО)

Shooting frames of the attack hundreds of people a superhero was cancelled in Toronto after local residents complained that the location was chosen for this street, where last year 10 people were killed by a madman in the van.

The Boys – episode Netflix superhero, which producyruetsa in conjunction with Amazon Studios. Wednesday’s shooting was to be held in Mel Lastman Square, where a man with an unbalanced psyche drove a rented van into a crowd of people on a busy sidewalk in April 2018, and while crushed 10 people to death.

Katie Williamson, who works in the area had received an email warning that there will be filmed footage with the participation of 450 people that will be attacked, and some of them will shout, and someone will be covered with artificial blood.

“When we hear of more than one police or fire truck on the street at a time, everyone in the office immediately react,” said Katie, adding that many of her colleagues that day during the attack of the van was on the street on your lunch break, and someone still has to live with PTSD. Therefore it is believed that such shooting could seriously scare people.

Toronto mayor John Tory said he spoke with the producer of the series, he understood why they had to cancel the photo shoot and only regretted that decision to make had at the last moment.

Rumors a little bit of dispersed, someone said that the producers were forced to cancel the shooting. In fact, it became known that the producers, after hearing all the recommendations made the choice themselves.

The city Council noted that the revised rules will be filming in this area, in order to avoid such situations, because Toronto is trying to preserve the reputation of the most convenient for filming in the city. After all, every year the industry brings to the Treasury of $2 billion and will provide 30 thousand jobs.

Alex Minassian, van driver, will stand trial in February 2020, 10 charges of first degree murder and 16 of attempted murder.