The show of Slava Polunin and the concert of Jan Maxine: how to spend a weekend in new York (3-5 January)

Шоу Славы Полунина и концерт Яна Максина: как провести выходные в Нью-Йорке (3-5 января)

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What: Holiday train show at Grand Central station

When: Friday-Sunday, 3-5 January

Where: New York Transit Museum Annex and Store Gallerу Main Concourse, Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan, NY 10017

Read more: Grand Central station new York is the Museum of transport, which every year during the holiday season putting on a show vintage trains in miniatures that are exact replicas of real trains and move in the scenery of the city.

The highlight of the program is the Lionel trains traveling through a two-level miniature of new York and the surrounding area on the tracks of a length of 10 meters. This year the show runs from 15 November to 24 February.

Cost: Free.


What: the Historic Christmas tree in the Metropolitan Museum

Шоу Славы Полунина и концерт Яна Максина: как провести выходные в Нью-Йорке (3-5 января)

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When: Friday-Sunday, 3-5 January

Where: The Met Fifth Avenue Fifth Ave at 82nd St. Manhattan, NY 10028

Read more: From 4 November to 7 January, the Metropolitan Museum invites you to its annual Christmas installation — tree, decorated with rare antique toys of the Baroque era.

The tree is located a miniature porcelain and plaster figures of angels, of the Magi, the peasants, townspeople and animals, which affects the accuracy of the details. Guests will be able to see how the Christmas in the eighteenth century in Neapolitan society, to hear authentic music of those times and observe the many details of this holiday.

Cost: $12-25.


What: Christmas fair in Bryant Park

When: Friday-Sunday, 3-5 January

Where: Bryant Park, West 40th Street New York, NY 10036

Read more: Annual traditional Christmas fair in Bryant Park — one of the favorite events of new Yorkers and visitors alike.

For visitors of fair will work: a huge free ice skating rink (bring your skates or rent for a fee), over a hundred shops with gifts, Souvenirs, a variety of festive products and food. Guests can also enjoy meeting Santa, fireworks, music shows, variety of games, contests and more.

Cost: Free.


What: skating Rink on the roof

Шоу Славы Полунина и концерт Яна Максина: как провести выходные в Нью-Йорке (3-5 января)

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When: Friday-Sunday, 3-5 January

Where: Pier 17 89 South Street, NY 10038

Read more: Winterland Rink is the only skating rink on the roof under the open sky in new York. Riding, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Brooklyn bridge, the Empire state building and the East river. This is a unique place for evening relaxation, allowing you to enjoy the winter magic of new York.

Cost: From $25.


What: Show of glory of Polunin, SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW

Шоу Славы Полунина и концерт Яна Максина: как провести выходные в Нью-Йорке (3-5 января)

Photo: Facebook/Slava’s Snowshow. Collage: ForumDaily

When: Friday-Sunday, 3-5 January

Where: Stephen Sondheim Theatre, 124 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

Read more: One of the most successful international show of all time, was nominated for a Tony award SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW returns to Broadway.

This incredible theatrical performance for art fans of all ages, created by Slava Polunin. SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW takes place in a reductio ad absurdum surreal world, where the author portrayed their fairytale vision of things, full of magic and dynamism humorous antics.

Slava Polunin was born in a small town in the Central part of Russia. He quickly became a star at home. With his talent he turned to understand the art of clowning with poetic and poignant approach to comic performance.

SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW made its debut in the U.S. in 2004 and became a theatrical sensation, breaking the record of the highest-grossing show in the history of the Union Square Theatre.

Becoming a theatre classic, SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW expands the boundaries of family show up to the highest standards. It has received over 20 international awards, including the Laurence Olivier award, Drama Desk and nominated for Tony.

Cost: From $59.


What: farewell to the tree

When: Saturday-Sunday, 4-5 January

Where: a Complete list of participating parks can be seen on the website.

Read more: Organization Park in new York city invites you to hold a festival of farewell to the tree. Get a tree in one of the intended destinations and then it is processed on the chips. You can get a bag of chips with you to use it as fertilizer for plants.

The Christmas tree can bring many parks in new York from 4 to 11 January.

Cost: Free.


What: festival of the Christmas traditions of different countries

Шоу Славы Полунина и концерт Яна Максина: как провести выходные в Нью-Йорке (3-5 января)

Photo: Depositphotos

When: Saturday-Sunday, 4-5 January

Where: H. H. Biddle House in Conference House Park, 70 Satterlee Street, Staten Island Staten Island

Read more: festival of the Christmas traditions of different countries includes an exhibition of Christmas trees decorated in the traditions of different parts of the world, and menorahs, representing the Jewish tradition of celebrating the new year.

Offers Christmas trees, decorated according to the traditions of Poland, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Scandinavia, Mexico and other countries.

Cost: Free.


What: Russian folk tales and folklore for children

When: Saturday, January 4 from 15:00

Where: Sheepshead Bay Library 2636 E. 14th St. at Ave. Z Brooklyn, NY 11235

Read more: Brooklyn public library invites children to enjoy classic folk tales and folklore, favorite songs, and also participate in games and other entertainment.

Cost: Free.


What: Ian Maksin in new York

When: Sunday, January 5, from 19:00

Where: Club Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

Read more: 5 January 2020 at the legendary new York club Le Poisson Rouge will take place the concert of a unique cellist and composer Ian Maxine.

The event is timed to the release of a new solo album — SEMPRE. The album includes a brand new original instrumental music, and beloved by the listeners of the song Respiro and Per Me, Per Te, which was released last year.

In the words of Jana Maxine, for creating new compositions, he drew inspiration from a variety of sources — from music of the Renaissance and Baroque to works of modern composers such as Ludovico Einaudi, Philip glass, Ian Tiersen, Leonid Desyatnikov.

“SEMPRE — attempt to tune to the universal wave, allowing access to the infinite source of love, kindness, comfort, and peace. Let the cello, in its purest form, will penetrate into the innermost corners of the soul and fill them with his life-giving vibrations. Let the simple, pleasing melodies will be a cure and comfort for those who need them, and let them be the wings of joy. I wrote the music and breathed it all what you live: the energy of the mountains, ocean, forest, sky, and the big city. Some of the compositions are attached to earthly landmarks — Paris, Saint Petersburg, Vancouver, Yerevan, lake, and others — completely out of space. Let this music, like water, will wash us all superficial and unnecessary and will make us a little better”, — shared the artist her idea about the album.

In addition to songs from the new album, the concert will also feature songs Jana Maxine, who will be part of the next big project. According to tradition, Jan will sing some of their favorite folk and popular songs in Ukrainian, Macedonian, Armenian, Turkish, Ladino, French and Italian.

Cost: From $20.


What: Tree for children in Russian language

When: Sunday, January 5 from 10:00

Where: Ps 220 Edward Mandel 62-10 108th St Forest Hills, NY 11375

Read more: All visitors have an unforgettable day. Both children and adults can enjoy a fabulous new year’s performance, see your favorite characters — Santa Claus, snow maiden Masha and the Bear.

Also offers a magic show of tricks, and each child will receive a gift from Santa Claus.

Cost: $10.


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