The signals of the body that are better left ignored

Simple signals of our body can be determine the beginning of the diseases, and to learn about the lack of nutrients, said the American scientists. Usually we do not pay attention to such “trifles”.

Сигналы организма, которые лучше не игнорировать

Doctors recommend to look at the hair. It is known that their state can identify many problems with health. If the hair is brittle and dull, the body will likely not have enough vitamin A. it can Also talk about the lack of zinc and iron.

Bleeding gums indicate, in particular, the lack of vitamin C. severe bleeding may indicate an increased risk of heart attack and problems with blood vessels.

Swelling clearly indicate health problems, if they occur regularly. When kidney failure in the body deposits water and salt, which leads to edema. In some diseases, decreases the amount of protein in the blood (it is excreted in the urine), which also causes puffiness. Another provocateur edema – heart failure. The heart is not pumping enough blood, which she accumulates in the legs, causing swelling.

Problems with the nails. The nail plate may become weaker due to problems with the liver, kidneys, pancreas, or intestine. Reasons can also become a stress, nervous exhaustion, antibiotics.

Constant fatigue, tiredness that does not go away with adequate rest – not a good sign, which may indicate various diseases, including very dangerous.

When you respond to the calls of the body for help and to correct the problem is possible to avoid many serious diseases, say doctors.