The situation on the energy market: the energy Ministry told about the main events of the week

Ситуация на энергорынке: в Минэнерго рассказали о главных событиях недели

The energy Ministry presented a digest of events in the energy market this week, the press service of the Ministry.

In particular, in the Verkhovna Rada had registered two draft laws aimed at stabilization as separate public companies and the total market.

We are talking about:

  • The draft Law on amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning improvement of conditions of support of electricity production from alternative energy sources (No. 3658). “It provides a legal definition of a Memorandum with the producers of “green” electricity, which determines including the reduction of “green” tariff, consolidation of the debt restructuring of SE “Guaranteed buyer” to producers of electricity, the establishment of producers ‘ responsibility for the unbalance, the introduction of “green” auction,” — noted in the Ministry of energy.
  • The draft Law on amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On electricity market” (No. 3657) provides stable power supply of consumers, temporary suspension of electricity imports from countries not members of the Energy Community and provides the opportunity to “Energoatom” to increase sales of electricity through bilateral contracts that enable them to obtain additional income, talk to the energy Ministry.

There recall that in may, the acting Minister of energy Olga Bukovec allowed “Energoatom” to release 5% of electricity sales through bilateral contracts, which according to “Energoatom” will allow to them additional 2 billion. Bill No. 3657 is proposed to increase this share by 10% and then the amount of income.

Also, the Verkhovna Rada adopted this week as a whole the bill No. 2386 of measures aimed at repayment of the debt formed in the wholesale market of electric energy.

In addition to bills, the energy Ministry recently decided actually the force majeure situation with deprivation of licenses in Ukraine, the uranium getter “VostGOK”

“State nuclear regulatory Inspectorate refused the licence on formal grounds. At the same time, the adopted energy measures ensure “VostGOK” license renewal. License renewal is expected on Monday,” — said in the Ministry of energy.

This situation, as well as preliminary consultations the acting Minister of energy with the collective “Vostok” became the basis for the solution of the question of expediency of further stay of GP “VostGOK” as a part of the SC “Nuclear fuel”, and generally functioning GC “Nuclear fuel” as an economic entity because of the uncertainty of its functions and powers.

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Another crisis the energy Ministry had to decide on mine “krasnolimansky”. The miners expressed their dissatisfaction with the mine’s management and delayed salaries.

“The most important questions of debts on wages and reduced social tension in the team. The Ministry decided to conduct an unscheduled audit of activity of GP “UK “krasnolimansky”. According to the results, in particular, will define expediency of the Manager of the mine on their positions”, — noted in Department.

At the same time, SE “Guaranteed buyer” has carried out this week by the payments for purchased electrical energy for a total amount of 400 million UAH:

  • payments on the “green” tariff — UAH 100 million;
  • payments of SE NNEGC “Energoatom”, UAH 300 million.

The government has held appointments in the Ministry of energy. The duties of the state Secretary of the Ministry of energy of Ukraine is entrusted to the Director of internal audit Department of the said Ministry in Pirinska Svetlana Leonidovna.

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An important event in the energy Ministry referred to the government’s support of proposals to determine the priority use of domestic coal for electricity generation thermal generation (CHP).

“The need for such a decision due to social and economic tension among the miners, which are due to the manipulation of the separate generating companies were withdrawn into a simple,” explain in the Ministry of energy.

Also this week, the governments of Ukraine and Germany discussed the beginning of an energy partnership.

Cooperation in the framework of the Joint statement will allow Ukraine to learn from the experience of Germany in the successful transformation of the coal industry and with international partners, to actively work on creating a new economy in coal mining regions.