The sky in a haze of dirty air and colorful sunsets: US will lay a new dust storm

If you missed the first round of the dust storm from the Sahara, which covered the southern part of the United States on the twentieth of June, you have another chance, writes USA Today.

Небо в дымке, грязный воздух и красочные закаты: США накроет новая пыльная буря

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According to forecasts by the National weather service, on Tuesday, June 30, on the Western Gulf coast and lower Mississippi valley will be another dusty trail. According to the latest forecast, it can stay in the Western and Northern coasts of the Gulf until Thursday, June 2nd.

“The main impact of dust from the Sahara is the sky in a haze during the day, local visibility impairment, worsening air quality, but potentially colorful sunrises and sunsets,” said the weather service.

According to forecasts of weather services, the lower the concentration of dust spread across the Plains, clouds of dust will move to the East, Southeast and middle Atlantic.

The ground is extremely dry and dusty air known as the Saharan air layer forms over the Sahara desert and across the North Atlantic every 3-5 days from late spring to early fall, peaking in the period from late June to mid-August, according to the National oceanic and atmospheric administration.

The Agency said that the dust could take in the atmosphere a layer thickness of about 2 miles (3 kilometers). reports that dust from the Sahara is tracked in the West to the Caribbean, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

Небо в дымке, грязный воздух и красочные закаты: США накроет новая пыльная буря

A new cloud of dust reached Cuba. Photo: a video frame YouTube/AP Archive

The advantage of Saharan dust is that it prevents the development of tropical storms and hurricanes.

“Tropical storms need a lot of moist air and relatively calm winds at the top level, said Aaron Treadway, a meteorologist from the National weather service. — Lack of moisture and wind are not conducive to development of tropical storms”.

According to meteorologov, this dust storm along with other weather conditions likely in the near future will prevent the formation of any significant tropical phenomena.




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