The smoke from the fires in Australia will soon make a full rotation around the Earth: how it looks

The smoke plume from forest fires in Australia raging in the country since November 2019, will soon make a full rotation around the Earth. This is stated in the statement of NASA, says RBC.

Дым от пожаров в Австралии скоро совершит полный оборот вокруг Земли: как это выглядит

Photo: Depositphotos

The Agency’s experts note that, by January 8, the smoke plume has already crossed halfway around the Earth. “It is expected that the smoke will be at least one full circle around the globe and will return to Australia”, — the report says NASA.

In addition, NASA experts indicate that smoke contributes to the formation of a large number of Cumulus clouds. These clouds then cause so-called dry thunderstorms with lightning but no precipitation.

Such a wide spread of smoke due to the fact that once in the stratosphere, the particles can travel the distance of thousands of kilometers from its source, affecting weather conditions worldwide, said NASA.

The smoke has already changed the color of the sky in South America and adversely affect New Zealand, causing serious problems with air quality. In addition, in this country smoke particles was markedly stained the snow on the mountain tops — they are darkened.

3 Jan satellite of Japan meteorological Agency, Himawari-8 launched in October 2014, took photos of the forest fires in Australia. Extinguishing attracted about 3 thousand military. According to the latest reports, the fire killed 24 people and more than 1 billion animals. For elimination of consequences of natural disasters, the Australian government will allocate about $1.4 billion.