The smoke of wildfires red mist shrouded the village in Indonesia (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Из-за дыма природных пожаров красная мгла окутала деревню в Индонезии (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

Indonesia and neighbouring countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei) recent years have greatly suffered from smoke of wildfires that are caused by burning of vegetation on agricultural lands on the Islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan. At the present time of severe environmental situation in the province of Jambi.

21 September, there was observed a strange phenomenon: around noon, the village Mekar Sari in heavy fog and smoke fell into the red haze, according to Stormnews.

According to a local resident in particular, Wulandari that on Saturday afternoon did a series of photos of the red sky, haze at this time was particularly tight. ECA has posted their photos on Facebook, gaining more than 34 thousand hits. However, as she admitted in an interview with BBC News, many have questioned the authenticity of the pictures.
“But it’s true, it real photos and videos I shot on my phone”, – says the girl.

Told reporters as Professor of the NUS Koh Tieh Yong, an unusual phenomenon was caused by Rayleigh scattering, it is due to the presence in the atmosphere of certain particles.

“The most common in the smoky cloud, the particles have a size of about 1 micrometer, but they do not change the color of the sky, – said the Professor – But the smaller particle size of 0.05 micrometers and less, which is not so much, have a stronger tendency to scatter red light, so we see not blue, as usual, and the red color of the sky.”

The scientist also notes that photos taken closer to noon, usually look more red.

“If the sun is in the Zenith, and you look up, it is on the line of your sight, and it also gives the sky more of a red hue, says Professor Koch, stating that this phenomenon does not affect the air temperature.

The province of Jambi, September 23, 2019: