The social network, establishment and bureaucracy of the West undermine democracy, said Donald trump at the UN (PHOTO)

Соцсети, истеблишмент и бюрократии Запада подрывают демократию, заявил Дональд Трамп с трибуны ООН (ФОТО)

Social networks, elites and bureaucracies in Western countries often undermine the democratic system of government, undermine traditions and values, trying to rewrite history. This opinion was expressed by the President of the United States Donald trump Tuesday, speaking from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly in new York in the framework of the General debate at its 74th session.

“Even in free countries, we see the worrying signs and new challenges to freedom” – says the American leader, quoted by TASS.

Then he listed such characteristics and challenges. “A small number of social networking platforms is gaining incredible power over what we can see, and over what we are allowed to speak. The permanent political class openly despises the will of the people, rejects her and challenging her. Faceless bureaucracy operates in secret, weakens democratic governance. The media and academic institutions are an attack on our history, traditions and values,” said the American President, talking about global threats.

According to the President, he intends to resist such activities, especially from the social networks. “In the United States, my administration has made it clear to the companies owning the social networks that we will defend freedom of speech. A free society cannot afford to let the giants of social networking muffled voices of people. A free people should never get involved in something to drown out the voices of their neighbors or their inclusion in black lists,” said trump.

Donald trump also spoke out in defense of freedom of conscience and against religious hatred. In addition, the President of the United States condemned a policy of “open borders” as “a vicious and inhumane,” writes CNN.

At the UN trump, who has repeatedly been accused of sexism, has lashed out at homophobes and supporters of male superiority. He assured that he will protect the rights of women and to ensure that homosexuality does not become an occasion for criminal prosecutions in other countries.

The President of the United States has criticized Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, calling him a “dictator” and “Cuban puppet”. According to trump, “Cuba is robbing the oil wealth of Venezuela to support their own corrupt Communist government.” And the government Maduro is kept at the Cuban military aid.

According to trump, “in Venezuelan prisons are now about 15 thousand political prisoners.” According to the head of the White house, the events in this Latin American country, “I remind everyone that socialism and communism have nothing to do with justice and equality” and used by the ruling class to their advantage.

One of the members of the Venezuelan delegation to the 74th session of the UN General Assembly pointedly began to read the book during the US President’s speech in which he made accusations against the authorities of the Bolivarian Republic. On the cover of the publication entitled “Bolivar – the hero, the genius and the thinker universal scale” was depicted the portrait of the national hero of the country of Simon Bolivar.

Iran trump has threatened tougher sanctions if it does not change the “provocative” policies in the middle East. No country should Finance a “bloodthirsty” the plans of the Tehran, according to the President of the United States.

Trump has no claim to China’s policies, which “refused to carry out promised reforms.” Furthermore, China adopted the “economic model based on creating market barriers, depending on the state, currency manipulation, dumping, forced technology transfer and the theft of intellectual property and trade secrets on a large scale”.

The broadcast, with appearances from Donald trump and other public figures lead USA Today.