The soloist of the group KAZKA asked advice to his subscribers

The singer has posted a relevant post in the social network.

Солистка группы KAZKA попросила совета у своих подписчиков

Official web site of the popular Ukrainian band KAZKA Alexander zaritska published in his microblog some photos and asked subscribers for advice.

As you know, the singer is the owner of quite luxuriant forms, so very often in her criticism. However, the very zaritska not just talking about what I learned to accept myself for who I am with all the advantages and disadvantages, so quietly respond to the comments of haters about excess weight. Moreover, in one of the recent posts, the singer encouraged those who were suffering from complexes, to start to love yourself.

Солистка группы KAZKA попросила совета у своих подписчиков

The singer shared the shots, taken at different times: one during the summer holidays, the other during a walk in the autumn Park on a background of red and yellow foliage.

In the caption she asked followers which of the images looks attractive. In response to your question she got a lot of compliments, but there were also those who pictures of stars not liking.