The soloist of the group Kazka said, as he met with Yuri Nikitin

For anybody not a secret that a group of Kazka producing Yuri Nikitin. Not surprisingly, many suspect that between the lead singer and producer for a possible novel. However, in an interview with Anatoly Anatolich girl assured that they are only friends with, and told how they met.

Солистка группы Kazka рассказала, как познакомилась с Юрием Никитиным

“Nashi relationships formulalist there are two rocky fact, I vtod mayzhe not zminyuvati. Not Bulo of such dwellers as he seemed scho shte mi Mal, Chi little respond secrets. In the beginning, if things only poznakomilsja, splavilsya have skip. I lived in Odes, I prishla to the casting, I thought, scho mene primaute on the robot in one iz Odeska clubv. In mene je Taka fsca, the problem Chi, Chi oderzhimost – I want it I always love znahoditsya in akikos cinematographic points. TSE duzhe love.

“I prishla to the casting, there sidw Andrew Urenev, our muzichny producer that Anna Gurban kolesny kreativni Director. I stink seem movlyav, saspi us whether scho just need pochuti, Yak ti splash. I zaspala Jessie J – Price Tag and Capel, and TSE h pacumio. Mi poznakomilis, and all I sabula about this casting, nhto not Zvonov, not writing. And for three tyzhden meni satelital Anya th kazhe: “SASO, Yuri Hoca pobachiti you, mi Tobi pozvoniv tomorrow skip”. I lived in Odes, General penniless, just zero. Really mi spali on vulitsi, in us Bula the company is approximative dvadtsyat people beat Tatyana for money, vastavale super divn very… Yakos was naturaly a bunch proplasta . VSI tancevali in fact proplast. Took vhid 50 UAH”, — remembered Alexander.

“Yura Dzvony meni on Skype, and then mene not Bulo Internetu. Had hate Dodoma to other. From telefonu meni Jura, and I did not know hto TSE, Bo slakware for Ukrainian show-banesa. VDPAU I. Baciu only Yurin NS. He kazhe: “from Ukraine SASO, I duzhe domi producer. VI meni duzhe podoboos, your style that soundnote. Can s you poliice poznakomitsa, if you can priate to Kyiv?”. I zbral all the way in a backpack, pozvonila mam I said, scho meni satelefono domi producer. Moï farther know, who such Yury NCCN, TSE not tilki I knew,” she admitted.