The son of brad pitt no longer considers him her father

Famous Hollywood actor brad pitt is trying to “keep face” in public, but actually he is in a very depressed mood.

Сын Брэда Питта больше не считает его своим отцом

The fact that before pitt heard rumors that his eldest son Maddox, whom he adopted with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, disowned him. As reported by brad, a young man confessed to his friends that it no longer considers pitt his father, reports the with reference on the Facts.

Fight brad Maddox was already a long time ago — in September of 2016, when the family returned home from France. Since then, they could have to make up, however, Maddox did not make a single step toward his father, who long ago dream to restore the relationship with his son.

Worse, he refuses with pitt not only to see, but even to talk on the phone. How bad is it in the relationship of Maddox with brad, it became known last year for Christmas, when the young man refused to go to his father’s house, to take part in the ceremony of the unboxing of gifts prepared pitt for his children under the Christmas tree.

And recently, rumors about the bad, or rather absent altogether, the relationship of brad Maddox received a new confirmation. First, it became known that pitt learned of the decision of the son to leave America and to go to study in Korea only from the media. And then when Maddox was already in Seoul, and pitt streets in Tokyo, the son of actor did not want to come to it.

At the time, like when Japan came his mother, he took a day off from school and came to Tokyo to hug her. Moreover, in an interview he gave recently to the Korean reporters, Maddux confirmed the breakup with the father. So pitt is already beginning to lose hope of reconciliation with his son.