The son of the President of Argentina shocked their way

Сын президента Аргентины шокировал своим образом

At the end of October this year in the presidential election in Argentina, defeated 60-year-old Alberto Fernandez. But users in social networks are discussing is the appointment of the policy on the post, and his unusual son, and opinions diverge.

In General Estanislao Fernandez is a typical 24-year-old representative of geek culture. The guy plays video games, Strima them Twitch for 2.2 million people. Attends various festivals and conventions, as well as cosplay popular characters from games, comics and movies. But there is a catch — all these characters are exclusively female, says Elcierre Digital.

Estanislao loves revealing clothes and thick make — up like a drag Queen. Among the heroines, where were reincarnated man, there’s Maleficent, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Pikachu. Photo cosplay he puts in a “Instagram”, where he signed 199 thousand. The gamer does not support a way: the stream he performs a regular guy, and to work in an insurance company puts on the costumes.

Girl Estanislao, whom he meets in two years, supports his passion, but his father is proud of her son. Alberto believes that his son was a creative person, who does not hesitate to vent his energy in different ways.

“He’s the best son I could ever wish. His cosplays are memorable that he was invited to major festivals like the “Comic-con” in new York,” says Alberto Fernandez.