The soundtrack for ‘Grammy’: as a Ukrainian from the United States created the music for ‘Chernobyl’

Song-Requiem “Eternal memory” was the soul of the mega series “Chernobyl”. As its recording was joined by Ukrainian producer from Washington, who performed the song says “Voice of America”.

Саундтрек на 'Грэмми': как украинец из США создал музыку к 'Чернобылю'

Photo: still from the official trailer of the mini-series “Chernobyl”, YouTube/HBO

Ukrainian music school, the traditions and the performers are not inferior to the West, convinced the hero of this story. What is missing is ties on the West. To bring together Ukrainian artists and Western customers came from Andrew Pidkivka, musician and producer who lives in a suburb of the us capital. He has already managed to attract Ukrainian performers to the production of one of the most popular series of our time, the musical accompaniment which was awarded the prize “Grammy”.

Саундтрек на 'Грэмми': как украинец из США создал музыку к 'Чернобылю'

Photo: scenes video of “voice of America”

British-American TV series “Chernobyl” last year was a sensation and received a number of prestigious awards, in particular, the “Golden globe” and “Emmy”. The soundtrack to the series has received “Grammy”. Wrote the music of the Icelandic composer, but the Ukrainian musicians participated in creating the songs.

Poignant and profound song-Requiem “Eternal memory” has become one of the leading songs for the TV series “Chernobyl”. The author of the Icelandic composer Hildur Gudnadottir and performance – Lviv municipal choir “Homin”.

Саундтрек на 'Грэмми': как украинец из США создал музыку к 'Чернобылю'

The author of the music. Photo: scenes video of “voice of America”

The participation of Ukrainian musicians in the creation of this soundtrack was made possible by the Andrew Pidkivka, Ukrainian flutist from the city, who for 25 years lived in the United States.

“I was very pleased that they turned to my company I founded a few years ago, Recordings Ukraine, – says Andrey. The project was carried out very quickly, everything was recorded in a matter of hours.”

Choir “Echo” exists already more than 30 years. The team became the winner of regional, national and international competitions. Andrew Pidkivka says he chose singers for their sound.

“They have exceptional voices, especially low voices, where we had to sing very, very low notes – says Pidkivka. Is needed in fact for the composer and arranger”.

Саундтрек на 'Грэмми': как украинец из США создал музыку к 'Чернобылю'

Choir “Homin”. Photo: scenes video of “voice of America”

Typically, film music, recording in the Studio or on the stage of the Philharmonic. But this song was important authentic sound.

“Since this is Church music, we decided to write it in the Church, – says Andrey. And there absolutely was no treatment. How it sounded in the Church, so naturally shifted and then superimposed on the picture.”

In January Gudnadottir received for his work, a Grammy and became the first woman that won in the category “Best music for a movie or TV movie”. Recently an official certificate of recognition participation in the creation of the soundtrack came Andrew Pidkivka.

“Of course, I’m happy that we got “Grammy” is a big event in my life, – says Andrey. – I will push for further creative ideas, develop the best and large projects with various musicians, composers from America, Canada, Europe”.

“Chernobyl” is not the first cooperation Pidkivka with Hollywood. Among the previous works – songs for a documentary film “To the Arctic”, which was voiced by Meryl Streep, and music to teatralizovannogo action “Medieval times” with the knights and horsemen. This music was recorded with the National Symphony orchestra of Ukraine.

“This project we’re doing for 12 years – says Andrey. Every 4 years this show is changing. You go there and listen to the music that was recorded Kiev Symphony orchestra. You listen to the chorus, he sings in Ukrainian. By the way, my wife wrote the lyrics to all the choral works”.

Саундтрек на 'Грэмми': как украинец из США создал музыку к 'Чернобылю'

Photo: scenes video of “voice of America”

In addition to establishing cooperation between foreign companies and composers with Ukrainian musicians, Pidkivka together with his wife Solomia Gorokhovsky created a music school and he performs at various festivals and events. He said that Ukrainian musicians have something to show the American public.

“We have exceptional educators, exceptional musicians, that is, the school is unique and is not inferior to the level of the schools from abroad,” he says.

Andrew pidkivka the degree of doctor of musical arts. But besides classical music, he actively develops the folklore, believing that it can become one of the cultural business cards of Ukraine.

Саундтрек на 'Грэмми': как украинец из США создал музыку к 'Чернобылю'

Photo: scenes video of “voice of America”

“Knowing and performing Ukrainian folk music with various musical instruments, I promote the Ukrainian culture and music in many American schools,” says Andrew.




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