The southern States in the US suffered from the storm and tornadoes, California wildfires again threatened human settlements (PHOTO, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Южные штаты  в США пострадали от шторма и торнадо, в Калифорнии природные пожары вновь угрожают населенным пунктам (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

American States in the southern half of the country suffered from inclement weather. The evening of 20 and morning of 21 October a violent storm raged in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Missouri. As a result of falling tree killed 4 people in Oklahoma and Arkansas, reports The Weather Channel.

Serious damage to areas in the Northern part of Texas. There were several tornadoes, the most powerful of which was a funnel in Dallas: he was hit by a tornado category EF-3. The wind speed reached 225 km/h Destroyed and damaged dozens of houses and commercial buildings. More than 100 thousand homes were left without electricity.

There were no casualties. Many people received minor injuries. Local media reported that hospitalized three people in the overturned car with injuries that do not threaten their lives.

At the end of last week, from the disaster suffered and Florida, to the North-West which came the storm “Nestor” in the approach to the North-West coast of the state has lost the characteristics of a tropical cyclone. In these areas, it led to the flooding, but without serious damage. And in the Central part of the state on the town of Kathleen in Polk County was hit by tornado category EF-2 with wind gusts up to 193 km/h. Here is also damaged dozens of homes, and has done without victims.

In the southern part of the U.S. state of California, where there is warning of the extreme fire danger from the fires affected two settlements – Pacific Palisades district in Los Angeles and San Bernardino in the same district. The police finds out causes of both fires. Stormnews reports with reference to the channel CBS Los Angeles.

In the city of Pacific Palisades, which is a suburb of Los Angeles, were evacuated residents of 200 homes. The fire crept to the buildings, but they managed to defend. Slightly injured a firefighter, and a local resident were hospitalized with poisoning by combustion products.

In San Bernardino the fire destroyed 3 houses, and another 6 damaged. It was another 40 houses, their inhabitants were evacuated. One firefighter received injuries of moderate severity. Members of the family of four suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation.

In addition, due to the extreme fire risk Californians again expect a massive power outage.

In the Northern half of the state utility PG & E, which is from 9 to 12 October there had been no light 730 thousand houses in 30 districts, beginning October 23, will shut off electricity in thousands of homes 209.

In the southern part of the state of alert for the disabling of tens of thousands of houses from the electricity supply company Southern California Edison counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, orange and Santa Barbara now in its third day.

We will remind, during a fire from 9 to 12 October in the southern part of California, there were two wildfires that claimed the lives of 3 people – burned mobile home Park in the town of Calimesa riverside County and dozens of houses in the suburbs of Los Angeles porter ranch, Granada hills and Oakridge-estates.