The Spanish authorities officially allowed to resume La Liga with 8 Jun

Власти Испании официально разрешили возобновить Ла Лигу с 8 июня

Spanish authorities allowed La Liga to resume football championship from June 8. This was stated by Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez.

“Spain has done what you must, now for all of new horizons. It is time to restore many of the daily activities. Starting from June 8 will return La Liga”, – quotes the Prime Minister Marca.

It was reported that the football matches in Spain must be renewed no later than June 12. Otherwise, translators will have the right to break the television contracts by reason of force majeure.

While La Liga is going to the championship matches in each day of the week. The break between matches of the same club shall be not less than 72 hours.

The first after the return match in the Spanish League should be the Andalusian Derby match between “betisa” and “Seville”.

Recall the last match in La Liga was played on March 10. Until the end of the season teams have to play 8 rounds. The standings with 2 points gap from real Madrid heads the “Barcelona”.