The Spanish club will suffer big financial losses for accusations of fascism fans of team of the Ukrainian Zozulya

Испанский клуб понесет большой финансовый ущерб за обвинения в фашизме фанами команды украинца Зозули

Roman Zozulya

The appeals Committee of the Royal football Federation of Spain (RFEF) has confirmed the fine imposed on club Rayo Vallecano for the insults of the fans in the address of Ukrainian Roman Zozulya, reports Mundo Deportivo.

On the next two home matches Rayo should be a closed sector in which were heard the abusive shouts in the match against Albacete. The club also must pay a fine of 18 thousand Euro. The closure of the stands, according to the decree, should happen in the matches of 29 and 31 round against “Huesca” and “Elche”.

However, the Committee dismissed the appeal “Albacete”, which contained a request to declare a “Rayo” responsible for incurred team damage. Officials report that this structure is not enough competence for the settlement of claims for compensation.

The “Rayo” has 15 days to appeal to the Administrative court for sports.

We will remind, 15 Dec Segunda match between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete was interrupted after the first half in connection with Nazi shouts to the forward guest Zozulya.

Fans of the owners at the end of the first half, began shouting in the Ukrainian address a variety of insults, the main theme of which was “old Nazi.” Because of this, players Albacete refused to come out for the second half of the meeting.

In the end, the RFEF imposed on “Rayo Vallecano” sanctions for insulting Zozulya. However, later suspended the sentence due to the fact that the capital club did not have sufficient time for filing an appeal.