The specialists have figured out how depression affects other diseases

Experts from the University of South Australia found that depression is associated with a number of diseases that, at first glance, are caused by absolutely other reasons, not connected with the psyche.

Специалисты выяснили, как депрессия влияет на другие заболевания

In particular, among such diseases, they are called such as bacterial infections and coronary heart disease. To find out it was a large-scale study, which covered 340 thousand British. Thus, we analyzed the relationship of depression with 900 diseases.

Scientists had previously known that depression has a detrimental effect not only on the human psyche as such, but on the body itself, however, no concrete definition of this still has not happened. The new study determined that people who are genetically predisposed to depression, also have high vulnerability and in terms of other diseases. These include asthma, gastroenteritis, diseases of the urinary system and others. All in all, it was revealed 20 such diseases. In addition, it was found that depressed people are more sensitive to some drugs and they more likely to exhibit adverse reactions to them.

Separately, the experts noted that this list was quite a lot of gastro-intestinal disorders that while to explain to them failed. Perhaps this is due to intake of drugs that affect the digestive tract. But it’s the version scientists have yet to verify.