The SPF said that stopping the privatization of power companies

Во ФГИУ рассказали, что мешает приватизации облэнерго

Introduction of RAB-tariffs will allow to avoid reduction in the cost of power companies and will allow them to sell at market prices. In SPF told how power companies to sell at market prices

Without the introduction of RAB tariffs it is impossible to privatize power companies at market prices, said Deputy head of state property Fund of Ukraine Taras Eleiko. About the situation with the sale of companies he rasskazal interview to 112 Ukraine.

According to him, privatization of state shares in power companies will be held only when it is clearly defined in the introduction of RAB-tariffs.

“No RAB history shows that the circle of investors interested to enter the regional power will be quite limited. Our mission is to have competitive, transparent privatization that no RAB is unlikely. We want privatization was synchronized with the introduction of RAB, and then it really will be a big, good victory for Ukraine”, — said Elaka.

In the case of sale of power companies without RAB-rate assets will fall in price.

“We need certainty with RAB, and then it will be absolutely clear-the market price for each pack of these power companies. The worst thing we can do is to declare the auction until there is a zone of uncertainty, as it will lead to the discounting of asset prices”, — says Eleiko.