The star of “300 Spartans” decided to sue hit him with a lady

49-year-old Gerard Butler sued the woman, the machine which knocked him off his motorcycle. Although this incident happened quite some time ago and the offender of the actor apologized Gerardo, he was not willing to forgive her. And now Butler, who became famous, at the time performance of the title role in the cult movie “300”, demands compensation for physical and moral damage. “The defendant showed shocking negligence while driving. Her car clipped my bike, in violation of all rules. As a result, I was seriously wounded…” — said in his statement, Gerard.

Звезда «300 спартанцев» решил судиться со сбившей его дамой

This accident happened in October 2017, the year. Why did the actor wait so long to begin to sue the owner of the car, remains a mystery. As it was reported, Butler is a big fan of motorcycles was involved in a serious accident. “I was calmly driving down the road. And suddenly, quite unexpectedly, the lady, the car which was parked in the Parking lot, sharply turned out, although the turn is prohibited in this place. She crashed into me, and from the collision I was thrown from the seat of a motorcycle. Flying pretty far away, I landed. And my “landing” was by no means soft. It was just awful it hurts!” — told later by the actor.

The injured were given first aid at the scene, after which he was hospitalized. As reported by the actor’s doctors, he was incredibly lucky, because he received no life threatening injuries. However, Gerard was covered in grazes and bruises, and was then forced to walk, leaning on a cane. What, for an actor who loves himself to perform all the stunts, became a serious nuisance.