The star of “big Bang Theory” has puzzled fans, saying the name of the unborn child

44-year-old johnny Galecki not hide his impatience when the light will be his firstborn. However, to wait for it remains not for long: as reported by the actor, his girlfriend Elaine Meyer should give birth no later than three weeks. However, as he admitted, he and his beloved have already given the name of his not yet born baby – they named him Avery.

Звезда «Теории большого взрыва» озадачил фанатов, сообщив имя не родившегося ребенка

Fans of the stars of “the big Bang Theory” colleagues , kaley cuoco was happy to learn this news, but they were a little puzzled. In fact, many parents, especially those who are waiting for the firstborn, because of superstition, do not hurry to give the names of the children that have not yet appeared. But johnny, it seems, is not classified as superstitious, he is absolutely sure of himself and his girlfriend, and looks to the future with unwavering optimism.

Recently Galecki published a few new photos. On the ground, he sealed his friend with an already huge belly. And the second tender embrace with Alanoi that he is preparing to kiss. “For those wondering what I am doing now: currently I perform the role of a Golden Retriever guarding this wonderful couple!” — so the actor has signed these pictures, having in mind a “couple” to Aleinu and child in her stomach.

We recall that he first become a father, the actor announced in may. A little less than a month later, John revealed the sex of their child. The actor said that Elaine will soon bless his son. “I want to inform those who were hoping that I would have a boy. They were right!”

However, the hopes of John, as it turned out, did not materialize. After all, shortly after the announcement that his 22-year-old girlfriend Elaine Mayer pregnant with his first child, he admitted that he dreams about the girl. John even painted her nails in honor of the expected daughters in pink, what has puzzled his fans.

“I would prefer a girl!” — said the actor in an interview. And then warned the reporter: “but in any case do not let us listen to this tape my child when he grows up!” However, as noted then, Galecki, most importantly, of course, who would not bare his girlfriend, the baby was healthy.