The star of “big Bang Theory” imminent divorce

Fans of the 33-year-old kaley cuoco saddened by reports of an impending divorce actress with her husband Carl cook. As reported by several foreign publications, in a marriage the actress had serious problems.

Звезде «Теории большого взрыва» грозит неминуемый развод

In fact, the rumors that the relations of relations Kayleigh and Carl, things are not going as they wanted, began to spread last year. So, one of the friends of cook said then that the first days of married life brought Karl bitter disappointment. The fact that soon after the marriage Kayleigh had surgery on the shoulder, followed by a long recovery period. During this time she was literally exhausted cook their whims.

Later, fans started to wonder why Carl is so rarely seen anywhere with Kaylee in public. And when she posts a photo on his page in the social network, is usually connected only at their common passion — horses or dogs. In fact, as it turned out, the love for animals is the only thing they have in common. Throughout the rest of the spouses strongly disagree, and over time their mismatch only intensified. So cuoco and cook, spend time together less time.

In the end, as announced some time ago the actress, she decided to focus all their efforts on their professional activities. Over the years of filming the popular TV series “the big Bang Theory”, the team working on the TV show, practically became her family. And there, among his colleagues, it really feels at home. By the way about the house — last month, kaley shocked his fans with an unexpected confession: the actress said that she and her husband don’t live together! Cuoco has justified this by the fact that they supposedly plan to build a life together “your dream home”. However, no real construction yet do not hear anything…