The star of “Dirty dancing” Patrick Swayze has conquered alcoholism, but has not coped with cancer

Patrick Swayze, who played a major role in the film Dirty dancing, has died at 57 years of age, exactly 10 years ago. American dancer, actor, author and performer of songs, not accustomed to give up in life, have overcome the addiction to alcohol, but failed to cope with cancer.

Звезда «Грязных танцев» Патрик Суэйзи победил алкоголизм, но не справился с раком

A native of Texas, Swayze since the childhood was fond of sports and creativity. The future star studied several martial arts, ballet, figure skating, playing football and school plays. After knee injury he renounced his sports career and became interested in dancing, having basic knowledge in this direction in a number of ballet schools in new York.

As an actor, Swayze made his debut in the film “Skytown” (1979), parallel mastering skills training courses. A landmark in the career of the star was the film “Dirty dancing”, where he got close in spirit to the role of johnny castle, the dance instructor. The actor did not like the ending of the tape. He considered more realistic if the main character is not Baby, and a dancer penny, as they are people of the same circle. The glory of celebrity brought to the role in “Ghost” and “point break”, but for many viewers it’s still a “dance instructor”.

Life Swayze loved and considered his Muse a woman – Lisa Niemi, with whom he studied at the ballet school. Married love and dreamed about children. However, the actor’s wife lost the baby, which resulted in her infertility. Together the couple suffered a tragedy, supporting each other. After several failed projects the celebrity is addicted to alcohol. Relatives persuaded the star to undergo treatment, and he managed to cope with alcoholism. The wife did not turn away from the actor during their difficult period.

A 55-year old Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last stage. The actor she wanted to give up and devoted himself entirely to the work, began writing his memoirs. In 2009, the celebrity had pneumonia, after which liver metastases were found. 14 Sep actor died. Niemi has admitted that she knew that I’d lose a spouse, but when that day came, were not ready for such test.