The star of “fast and Furious” has put forward a serious charge

Famous Hollywood actor and star of “fast and Furious” Kevin HART, who was in a serious car accident in Malibu September 1, accused of shooting secret sex act, reports the with reference for Today.

Звезде «Форсажа» выдвинули серьезное обвинение

The Prosecutor is the model of Monte Sebbag. The girl sued by 40-year-old actor due to the fact that he had a secret from her filmed their sex on camera. Montia requires HART $ 60 million moral compensation.

In the lawsuit of Mantia claims that she was caught in bed with HART in the hotel room Las Vegas in 2017 year. According to her, it happened exactly in the period when the actor’s wife was in her eighth month of pregnancy.

Entry intercourse, was even published on the Internet. Moreover, another defendant in this lawsuit was a former friend of Kevin – Jonathan Jackson. It actor was accused of extortion – the alleged Jonathan demanded the actor money for this video. But the model believes that the former friends then worked together to get sex video.