The star of “Friends” ran into criticism because of the appearance

American actress Lisa Kudrow, known for her role as Phoebe in the cult TV series “Friends”, caught the paparazzi, reports the with reference to Politico.

Звезда «Друзей» нарвалась на критику из-за внешности

According to some followers, the actress appeared in a not very fresh.

Lisa Kudrow was wearing a blue shirt and white fitted pants. Image of finished fashion accessories. It is noteworthy that the celebrity was without makeup.

It was her grandfather, with whom she went to lunch.

Commentators have noticed that Lisa has a double chin and wrinkles. However, it is worth noting that the actress is this year 56 years old, she is the oldest of the colleagues for the specified series. And, I think, his age, the artist looks good, especially because she does not welcome plastic surgery and Botox.

In a few minutes the post received hundreds of likes and many comments.

“It looks awful. Like the elderly couple 🤦 🏼 ♂ on!!! How old is she? 70?🤷🏼♂️”, “I thought it was her husband. Look almost the same”, “Grandfather hearty! With this being a grown granddaughter, he should be under a hundy!”, “Like your grandfather,” wrote a user.