The star of “Kvartal 95” demonstrated perfect stretch mini shorts


Well-known member of the “Women’s quarter” Ekaterina Nikitina posted a photo where she shows her stretching. She always emphasizes her figure in a bold, often, street pictures. This time was no exception — almost a photo from training, where the artist poses his feet on a building wall and showing the vertical splits — especially liked her fans.

Звезда «Квартал 95» продемонстрировала идеальную растяжку в мини-шортах

Often the publication of the actress is very candid – she is not shy to show themselves half-naked:

“I found an interesting article, I think you will be useful,” the post signed by the artist. Followed by prolonged fasting on physical culture. Fans were thrilled:

“Tough stretch, I wanna have a”

“Someone very lucky”

“Katia, you are so hot, powerful, kind, and sexy”

“It’s so hot”

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