The star of “Manchester United” bought a dog for 17 thousand Euro for protection from aggressive fans (photo)

Звезда «МЮ» купил собаку за 17 тысяч евро для защиты от агрессивных фанатов (фото)

Once the most expensive player in the world, midfielder “Manchester United” Paul Pogba (in 2016, Manchester United paid for the Frenchman to Juventus 105 million euros) bought a Rottweiler for protection from aggressive fans. At this step the 26-year-old Frenchman made the behavior of the fans who demand his departure from the team (in addition, in July near the house of the football player was stabbed to death 17-year-old student Yousef Makki).

According to the survey, only 16 percent of fans want the world champion was left in the “Manchester United”. Recently, fans wrote “Pogba, go away!” on the plate near the club’s base.

For a dog that’s been trained in a specialized firm Chaperone K9 (previously in the same animals acquired teammates Pogba — Marcus Rashford and Phil Jones), Paul paid 15 thousand pounds (about 17 thousand euros), reports The Sun.

Звезда «МЮ» купил собаку за 17 тысяч евро для защиты от агрессивных фанатов (фото)

Paul Pogba with his “guard”

“The players are well — known personalities, they want their family remained safe. And Rottweilers are not aggressive animals, until they are mad”, — saidl the head Chaperone K9 Richard Arnold.

By the way, the main coach of “Manchester United” OLE-Gunnar solskjaer said that, despite the interest in Pogba from other clubs (particularly real Madrid), he will not leave the team in the winter transfer window.


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