The star of “Riverdale” Camila Mendes admitted that in his student years she was raped

Actress from United States Camila Mendes, who gained fame thanks to roles in the TV series “Riverdale”, admitted that he was the victim of sexual violence. The rape of a 25-year-old celebrity has been a student.

Звезда "Ривердэйла" Камила Мендес призналась, что в студенческие годы ее изнасиловали

Revelation Camila Mendez was voiced in an interview with Women’s Health, whose cover she graced. According to the on-screen Veronica Lodge, a victim of sexual abuse it was when he was a first-year student of Tisch School of the arts in new York. Sharing details of the experience, the actress did not want to, but noted that now strives for sense of security and comfort. After the rape, the star of “Riverdale” got a tattoo with her inscription “to build a home” that it reminded her of the main principles.

Mendez also said that for several years resisted bulimia. Only recently it managed to bounce back, including with the help of a nutritionist and therapist.