The star of “strange Affairs” Jo Kiri commented on the hysteria of the fans because of the new haircut

Not so long ago the fans Jo Kiri and his character from the TV series “Very strange things” felt in earnest. The reason for this was that Joe came to one of these events with a new haircut. Finally commented on the situation and the actor himself.

Звезда «Очень странных дел» Джо Кири прокомментировал истерику фанатов из-за новой стрижки

What the actor does with his hair, watching literally hundreds of fans. It should be noted that the hair of his series character Steve Harrington has conquered many people. It is not surprising that at the time, Joe even gave advice on how to achieve hair volume and make this packing. But it turns out that Joe himself does not understand why his new haircut caused such a stir.

Recall that the hair he shocked fans during fashion Week in new York. In an interview at the festival of Comic Con by Kiri finally asked, as he refers to the fact that people are so much worried about his hair and what he thinks about the hype around his haircut. The actor has answered quite succinctly.

Look, a normal person just got a haircut

he said.

However, Jo Kiri’s not the only person who decided to get a haircut and this caused a wave of discussions. Fans worried for thick hair Timothy Salame that in the new film “the King” also appeared before the audience with a new haircut. Also recently discussed a short haircut Charlize Theron. For the filming of the movie “fast and furious 9” actress has cut his hair under the pot.