The star of “strange Affairs” Millie Bobby brown wants to be a singer

The star of “strange Affairs” manages everything from drama to start a private line of cosmetics. Recently, the actress made another statement. It turns out, Millie Bobby brown could become a singer.

Звезда «Очень странных дел» Милли Бобби Браун хочет стать певицей

Her organization and ambition Millie can surprise anyone. 15, the actress starred in the TV series “a Very strange case,” and is also producing the TV series “Enola Holmes”. Recently Millie has presented its own line of cosmetics and began a collaboration with a major jewelry company Pandora. But now insiders report that the actress wants to become a singer.

The following year, Millie, 16 years old, and she has big plans. A source told the newspaper The Sun that the talented actress wants to become a singer. According to insiders, Millie talks about collaboration with music label called 3 Beat Records.

She already has at least seven songs, which she loves, but is not planning to release until, until she turns 16 years

― the insider reports. He added that music the way Millie now prevents a tight schedule. Also, the source claims that now the label is trying to decide how best to run the project actress.

The star of “strange matters” can indeed reach the heights of musical Olympus. Earlier in the interview she told me that often turns for advice to Drake. Nice to have such a mentor, especially when it comes to her musical career, because Drake is one of the most successful contemporary rappers.