The star of “Supernatural” arrested a drunk in a fight

Perhaps in this way the actor cope with the stress of the end of the series?

Звезду «Сверхъестественного» арестовали пьяным за драку

As it became known to TMZ, early Sunday morning Jared Padalecki was arrested in his hometown of Austin, Texas, on charges in a fight and stay in a state of intoxication in a public place. Arrested the actor straight to his favorite bar, Bar Stereotype after drunken Padalecki punched a bartender and bar Manager.

In the video, which managed to TMZ, shows a man (to say clearly what it is really, 100% sure Padalecki is impossible to say) who fight with the second man on the sidewalk, and then communicates with the police next to his car, and finally, along with the officers arrested are sent to the station.

According again TMZ, the Deposit for the Padalecki had set a minimum – only 15 000$, but it is unknown whether already made a pledge or Jared yet is still in the area. Representatives of the actor on numerous requests from the American media for comment has not yet responded.