The star of “the Crown” admitted to stealing toilet paper from Buckingham Palace

Many visitors to Buckingham Palace will be glad to pick out some Souvenirs, and the Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman is no exception. However, the subject was quite unusual, and took him not an actress, and her husband.

Звезда «Короны» призналась в краже туалетной бумаги из Букингемского дворца

Recently Coleman, along with her husband visited Buckingham Palace as guests at a charity event. After Olivia decided to be honest, her husband, writer and lawyer ed Sinclair chose to carry from the residence of the Royal family unusual souvenir ― a roll of toilet paper.

My husband stole some toilet paper only to say that we have it from Buckingham Palace

― said the actress.

Звезда «Короны» призналась в краже туалетной бумаги из Букингемского дворца

Coleman also shared his impressions of the meeting with Prince William. The actress admitted that it was just adorable.

He has such a property: it makes you feel like the most stunning person in the room,

― said Olivia.

In the series “Crown” Coleman played the role of Elizabeth II. She decided to ask Prince William if he will wait for the new season and watching it at all this series. Unfortunately, the heir to the Royal throne to this question answered in the negative.