The star of “the Fortress” hide her pregnancy

The star of “the Fortress“ Anna Sahaidachny has long concealed her pregnancy. Fans of the actress learned of her situation only after… birth. A month after the birth of her son Timur Anya said about its new status – of a young mother. All this time the actress did not publish in social networks photos of themselves in full growth, but only of self and their culinary masterpieces, which began to cook at night just during pregnancy, reports the with reference to Ivona.

Звезда "Крепостной" скрывала свою беременность

But, it turns out, in the ninth month Anna did give a video interview and became the first guest on the new youtube channel TrueStory.

A very unpleasant thing, said the doctor who leads us. It was time, and my stomach still has not dropped. I was told that by ultrasound may not be accurate data, you need to know the date of conception. I didn’t calculate, don’t understand anything. And then she said to me: “So, shotgun?!” I was stunned! So I wanted to answer her, but I’m a decent girl…, — shares memories of Anna Sahaidachny.

Also in the interview, Anna talked about how he refused to act, as they fall down the stairs in a corset and crinoline, the fee of the actors, and what determines the payment, Dating and complexes appearance. And to all the fans of “the Fortress“ — draw books with the autograph of the actress.