The star of “the Joker” Joaquin Phoenix celebrated its 45th anniversary

October 28 Joaquin Phoenix celebrated the anniversary. The star of “the Joker” turned 45 years old. About your plans for the occasion the actor said.

Звезда «Джокера» Хоакин Феникс отметил 45-летний юбилей

Phoenix in his career he has played many memorable roles. Fans know the actor for “a Mysterious forest”, “Signs”, “Gladiator”. One of the last films with its participation became “the Joker”. To perfectly fit into the image of the celebrity in record time dumped 24 kilograms.

“I’m so accustomed to the role of the Joker that started to feel like I’m going crazy,” confessed the Phoenix after the premiere.

The film caused ambiguous reaction among the audience. Some thought shown a history of excessively violent, others are found in the story a hidden meaning related to contemporary realities. For a great game Phoenix predicting “Oscar”.

With the “Joker” at the stage of pre-production associated with many scandals. Jared Leto wanted to play the main character and refused to work with Todd Phillips. The actor also complained to the agents that the picture she took of Phoenix and asked to contact Warner Bros. Despite all the efforts, the main character, he never gave up.