The star of the show “lost” shaved his head and happy

Fans of Evangelina Lilly was quite surprised when she published in Instagram November 2, his new post. In the photo the star of the show “lost” was shown recently shaved head.

Звезда сериала «Остаться в живых» побрила голову и счастлива

Evangeline Lilly, 40 years, has proven that it can wear any hairstyle and look gorgeous. Subscribers actress made sure of that when I saw her new photo she posted on his page in Instagram November 2. This original photo gorgeous actress revealed that she’s shaved off all his gorgeous dark hair. However, she is happy and poses for the camera with a fresh new appearance in the car. She can be seen smiling in front of the camera, wearing earrings and necklace, the actress in this looks comfortable and relaxed. “Hello world! Today is an incredible day!” — she signed the photo.

This shocking picture was taken after one day after Evangeline teased her fans about her hairstyle with a video that she posted with his homemade haircut. The response that she received from fans about a shaved appearance, was generally positive, and some followers could not understand what “beautiful” is still a canadian star. “You’re so beautiful!” — wrote one of the fans. “With hair or without, you always look incredible,” said another. One fan even compared her with singer Sinead O’connor, 52 years old, known for his shaved head. “Damn it zero! Stunning image, he is the closest to Sinead O’connor which I like”, — stated in the review. This hairstyle has caused an incredible furor in the comments below stars.

Although Evangeline made quite a strong impression of his shaved head, she has not confirmed what it preceded. Perhaps because she is preparing for a new role. As was previously known, she is going to star in the romantic drama “the Happy life”, which will also star Alexandra Daddario and barinholts. Most recently, she played a role in the movie “Dreamland”, due out in 2020.

We can’t wait to see, decide whether to Evangeline again to cut your bald head or grow your hair in the near future. In any case, she always looks natural and great. It’s great to know that she is not afraid to try daring hairstyles!